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Vaportek products are SAFE. Here are some important advantages our 

products can offer you:

  • Natural

  • No special gear is required when used as directed

  • No CFCs & does not deplete ozone layer

  • No inert ingredients and VOC compliant

  • No evacuation of people, pets, or plants is necessary

  • No introduced moisture with our dry vapor systems

  • No oxidation

  • No harm to textiles & no removal of pigment from leather

  • No health issues are associated with our products’ recommended use. However, since our products do emit a fragrance of their own due to the essential oils, some may encounter fragrance sensitivity.  

  • No ozone, no hydroxyl and  no fogging

Our products are SIMPLE.

Why complicate what should be a simple process? Our systems are easy-to-use. For many of our systems, you simply insert the cartridge, membrane, or EZ-Disk, plug in the machine or replace the batteries, and hit the on switch. And that’s it. Or, if using a liquid, you dilute the concentrate with water and you’re ready to go. Some liquids are sold as ready-to-use in spray bottles.

Our products are NATURAL. 

Our systems use natural essential oils. Vaportek feels strongly about providing our customers with technology as close to the earth as possible.


Our products are ECONOMICAL.

Many of our products last beyond one job! Our liquids are highly concentrated, allowing the liquid to last for multiple jobs. Our cartridges all come with either rotating end caps or lids to seal in the essential oils in between jobs, preserving their life for continued use.

Our products give you CHOICES.

Many of our customers appreciate that we provide a wide range of fragrances to choose from. Whether they use it on a job with customers of their own, or in their own private homes, our clients have over a dozen aromas to chose from. While we recommend S.O.S. (Smoke Odour Solution) and 3X Industrial for the toughest malodour elimination, we have a full list of aromas on our Fragrance Guide for continual indoor deodorization. If you are combating tough odours and/or seeking deodorization to match the changing of the seasons, we have a cost effective solution for you! Please refer to our Aroma Variety Stock Number Addendum to see a full listing of what formulas apply to certain products, as not all fragrances are available in every product. 

Odor Neutralizers

3X Industrial or Neutral/Classic Neutral: A pine and eucalyptus based formula that eliminates all organic odours. Our #1 recommended formula.

S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution)

A formula with cinnamon high notes that is especially effective on smoke odours.

Aroma Diffusers

We have a full line of oil formulas designed for aroma therapy, seasonal scents, and/or continual fragrance use in residential, hospice, and commercial spaces. 

Unique Delivery Systems

Wherever you encounter organic odours, we have a delivery system that can help. Our systems treat closet-sized rooms to warehouse facilities. While each Vaportek product has its own individual applications, features, and benefits, they all share in some key advantages:

  • Unique membrane & disk systems that use patented essential oil, dry vapor technology for odour neutralization. Dry vapor means no problematic gels, sprays, or foggers

  • Ozone-free & hydroxyl-free technology means an environmentally preferable & effective treatment solution without the health risks

Shelf Life

Our liquids will last essentially indefinitely if stored properly. Our membranes, EZ-Disks, and cartridges are recommended to be used within a 12 month period. Keep in mind that humidity, air flow, and temperature do effect the lifespan of our products. Ideal dry vapour release occurs at 50-80ºF. Vapor release significantly increases in excess of 90ºF. Refer to the Tech Data and Use and Operation Manuals located on each products page for more information.


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