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Newtech has a dual role in the Canadian marketplace. Firstly, as the Master Distributor of Vaportek Odour Control products in Canada and secondly, as manufacturers representatives for premium brands, such as Benefect, Fiberlock and Zipwall, into the Canadian restoration industry. 

The Vaportek technology is a unique method for safe, powerful and simple odour control. The method is unparalleled for environmentally and user friendly odour control across multiple industries including: Water and Fire Damage Restoration, Medical Facilities, Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities, Hotels, Resorts, Schools, Fitness, Hockey Arenas, Garbage Rooms or anywhere else odour is an issue.


A scientifically formulated and patented mix of more than 30 different and 100% natural aromatic plant extracts form the basis of the versatile Vaportek product range. This complex mix of essential oils is called Neutrox Gamma. It was developed by a pharmaceutical manufacturer in 1979 for a safe and efficient neutralization of malodour within the healthcare system, particularly in burn units, cancer wards and wound care. The health and safety profile of the product is of most importance in these applications as patients themselves are the source of the malodour. Due to the injuries these patients have sustained they have a dramatically reduced immune system and can only be exposed to safest and most effective botanical based products. Today Vaportek is used successfully not only in healthcare but in any application where odour control is required.

Vaportek Overview
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